Coffee Sticker


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This sticker is a coffee lover's dream come true. The design features four different types of coffee drinks, each with its unique characteristics and flavors. The cups are lined up side by side, showcasing their distinct colors, patterns, and toppings.

The stickers are made of high-quality vinyl, and are water, scratch, and UV-resistant. Stickers are made with a removable adhesive that won't leave marks when peeled off.

The sticker is made of high-quality vinyl and is cut to the shape of the design with a white border around the edges. The vinyl material is durable and weather-resistant, making these coffee stickers suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This sticker is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate the art and science behind different coffee drinks. It's a great way to show off one's love for coffee on laptops, water bottles, phone cases, or any other surface where it can be seen and appreciated.

  • Material: white vinyl with a satin finish
  • 1/8" (3.2mm) white kiss-cut border around the sticker
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Water, scratch and UV resistant
  • Removable adhesive without residue
  • Made and printed in USA